The Principle of Kaizen

Kaizen describes the continuous improvement of an organisation, involving not only those at the top but all stakeholders in the environment. We work with these concepts in our coaching, ensuring that your personal development benefits you but also influences your team and your external impact.

Our bespoke coaching service begins with a 20-minute telephone consultation to assess your needs and expectations, after which an individual plan will be produced to help you to achieve your goals. Head to our appointments page or contact us now to organise your initial consultation.

About Christine

Christine Emmett has over 30 years of experience in management consultancy. She has been both an executive and non-executive director on large-scale transportation, healthcare and political projects with budgets up to £56 billion.

She has worked with MEPs, MPs and business people in developing their presentation skills. Christine has a particular enthusiasm for encouraging women in the engineering and business sectors, and is passionate about the provision of quality leadership at all levels.